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At ISC Technologies, Inc. the scope of our products includes offerings for the Utilities Industry. The transmitters, which are manufactured by ISC Technologies for traditional paging systems, are also utilized for energy conservation. This is known as Load Management, or Load Shedding.

What is load management? Load management uses the technology in our RF transmitters to control remote switches on things like central air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, grain dryers, and other non-critical loads. When usage hits pre-defined peak limits, System Managers use ISC Technologies equipment as part of a system to signal the remote switches, on the above-mentioned loads, to shut off for a short (pre-determined) amount of time. This process cycles through a neighborhood, city, or even larger area and can greatly reduce energy consumption with minimal effect on any one household or business. It all adds up to savings for the energy company and thus for the community.

Our transmitters can be customized to fit your needs. We understand unique needs and specifications and can economically address any number of design requirements. Contact our sales staff to find out what solutions ISC Technologies has for you.

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